Frequently Asked Questions

What is Durham Central Market?
Durham Central Market is a new community co-operative grocery store whose purpose is to sell food and other products with a special emphasis on locally grown and produced goods.
Where are you locating?
Durham Central Market is looking to locate near the downtown Durham area.
Will anyone be able to shop at this co-op?
Yes. The store will be open to everyone. Memberships are available for purchase and carry the benefit of shaping the market through member voting. Memberships will also allow product discounts and other privileges.
How do owner shares work?
The one-time cost of an individual owner share is $100. The owner may add adult shoppers (18 and over at the same address) for $40 per person. The $40 additional shopper fee is non-refundable. Business shares are available for $250, which includes allowance for up to 25 employees to purchase on the share.
What can I do to help?
The biggest way you can help right now is by buying a share in Durham Central Market and participating in the owner investment campaign. DCM is growing through community investment, and to do that, we need people willing to help us get it off the ground by becoming owners. After that, the next best thing you can do is to tell all of your friends about us, encourage them to keep up with where we're going (updates available through our website, our Facebook page and by following our Twitter feed), and, of course, to buy a share themselves.
That said, there's also plenty of volunteer work to be done, including helping us coordinate our ownership drives, staffing events, and getting the word out. If you're interested, contact our volunteer coordinator, and let us know what skills you have and how you'd like to help.
Isabel, Beth, Sidney, and Kacey at the Pumpkin Carving Station

Join Online!

You can now become a Durham Central Market Owner via the website. We offer individual ownerships and business ownerships. Become an owner today by filling out the online DCM Ownership form and pay using a secure Paypal connection, and thanks!! If you would prefer, you can also fill out and print the individual ownership form (pdf) or business ownership form (pdf) and mail it in. Follow the instructions on the form.

Contact Us

Durham Central Market
P.O. Box 25216
Durham, NC 27702-5216

Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @DurhamCentMkt.

The Owner Investment Campaign is ongoing, offering our owners the opportunity to invest in the co-op. Details on your options for investing are available here.
Email your intention to pledge to invest@durhamcentralmarket.org
We'll walk you through the rest. Together we can build something wonderful!

Upcoming Events

April 12 & 26  - Durham Farmers Market

May 10 & 24 - Durham Farmers Market

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