April 6, 2009

DCM Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
538 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701

Call to Order: 6:50pm
Present: Aubrey, Beth, Don, Michael, Pam, Robin, Stephen

1.  Approved minutes from March 31, 2009.
2. M&M Committee
- Memorial Day Event
- Website links
- Business shares
- LLC  Formation
- Press Release 
- Communication with Ownership
3. Location Committee
Three places chosen for market analysis.
4. IT Committee
Online payment on website
5. Finance Committee
- Sprout Loan application
- Two new potential members of Finance Committee
- Committee meetings: Thursday evenings.
- Budget needed with projected expenses. 
- OEWD: meeting Wed.
6. Timeline PERT Analysis (Don)
- Location: Market Analysis, Lease, Program, Design, Equipment List and Purchase, Construction, Decor/Signs
- Finance: Capital campaign: List of key contributors;Bank, City, Grants, Memberships, Member loans, Preferred stock, (new market tax credits)
Next meeting: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 6:45pm at 538 Foster St


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